My Natural Breast Cancer Cure 



My Natural Breast Cancer Treatment and Cure

Please let your friends and or family members know about this website.  Even though they may not have cancer or don't have cancer or breast cancer now, they may eventually get cancer or know someone in their extended circle of friends or associates who has it.

This website is in the early stages. I am adding to it daily.  I only recently started this website for anyone who needs to know that there are women like me out there who have cured themselves of breast cancer naturally. I'm glad you found it. Breast Cancer Natural Cure Update

I'm a former R.N., had a good medical background and in the early 80s helped my mother cure herself of cancer using alternative methods, (unfortunately we didn't know enough about diet), so had this experience under my belt also. At that time the American Cancer Society had listed on their brochure a list of fraudulent cancer claims.  Included in the list were fruits and vegetables!

In December 1999 I discovered a lump in my right breast when I rolled over in bed.  I  initially panicked and thought it couldn't be true.  I had worried about breast cancer from time to time like most women but had none of the usual presenting factors for it. I had no breast cancer symptoms.

I immediately called and made an appointment to be seen.   The doctor did a quick needle biopsy but it was not a cyst.  I did not like the look on his face.  Then he scheduled me for a mammogram and ultrasound right away. I had never had a mammogram and still am not in favor of them as they expose the breast and body to even more rads in the area you would especially want to avoid.  The body has a memory for radiation and it adds up over the years. The x-ray technician had trouble getting the pictures and had to retake them.  Turned out she was new and got assistance but exposed me to even more rads than necessary. Usually a mammogram can only detect a tumor the size of a pea or larger.  So self-exam will turn up the same results as a mammogram without the harmful exposure to excessive radiation. 

I was then ushered in for an ultrasound.  The technician can't tell you anything, but I tried. 

I waited around for the results of the mammogram and ultrasound which seemed like an eternity, pacing in the waiting room.  I was finally told that they didn't know if it was cancer and that I would need an excisional biopsy to determine if it was. 

So I was scheduled for and had the biopsy.  I had to wait around a few days before Christmas for the results.  Then on the 22nd of December 1999, I went in to get the results.  Sure enough is was infiltrating, intraductal breast cancer and going into stage 2. 

The doctor wanted to schedule me for a lymphadenectomy to remove 30% of my lymph nodes, chemotherapy, radiation and five years of Tamoxifen.  I turned it all down politely.  He  did schedule me for the surgery and I called when I got home and cancelled it.   I had to go back a few days later and he spent half an hour trying to convince me to have the conventional treatment.  He even told me that if didn't have it I would roll over in bed in six months in severe pain with my ribs cracking and breaking, with tumors in the other breast and I would regret not going through their treatment program.  I still said no.  The oncology and radiation departments called me numerous times but I refused appointments.

My Natural  Breast Cancer Treatment and Cure 

I then started my own treatment plan basically related to my diet and secondary to lifestyle. I spent thousands of hours looking for natural breast cancer treatment options and breast cancer therapy information already knowing what I was going to do.  I researched all types of breast cancer.  Learned all about how breast cancer metastasizes - metastatic breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer.  There was plenty out there on conventional treatment, pink ribbons, breast cancer jewelry and breast cancer bracelets and so on and I ignored all that. I looked for all the alternative breast cancer treatment options.  At the time there weren't a lot of choices or options even in alternative medicine.  Too much concentration on supplements, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, herbs, etc.

Prior to the diagnosis I had a long list of ailments: fibromyalgia, arthritis, ten years of chronic sinus infections, shingles, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, hospitalized with pneumonia, strep throat, colds and on and on.

I started my diet and lifestyle change and within 30 days ALL my ailments went away!  I started sleeping only 5 hours a night and woke up full of energy.  I could walk and ride my bike endlessly and without the knee pain that I had previously.  I had always slept 8-9 hours before this but now I just wake up after 5 hours ready to go.

I never get the flu or colds. I have high energy all the time.  What is amazing to me is how fast it worked.  I felt so good even the first week of changing my diet.  I took very few supplements and can't credit any supplement for curing my cancer.  I only take one  consistently today that all vegans should take.

I haven't even had an aspirin or TUMS tablet or any medication since 1999! I have a high pain threshold now also.

I used to change my eyeglasses prescription every year but I haven't changed it once since 1999.

I used to be cold all the time and at night I needed extra covers.  Now I warm up fast and never need extra covers and at night I prefer a cool bedroom.

I hike 2-3 days a week and power walk every day.  I play tennis three times a week with women in their twenties.  I work out in a health club 3 times a week also. I'm in my sixties and  I have tons of energy and feel great all the time!

Breast Cancer Exam

There are several types of breast cancer.  75% of breast cancers are of the type I had - infiltrating intraductal breast cancer.  It's commonly found in the right upper outer quadrant but other areas as well.  When doing self exams, it's the area I tell women to concentrate on the most.

A self-exam weekly is really important and for those people who are still on the 'standard American diet' (SAD) especially.

Today I never worry about a recurrence of breast cancer. I am eating the best diet that can be and my lifestyle changes assure me that I will never get any type of cancer.

This is just a very condensed version of my experience with breast cancer.  I hope this helps you know that there are alternative breast cancer treatments and breast cancer therapy options to conventional breast cancer treatment.

My Breast Cancer Natural Solution and Cure

I developed my own breast cancer diet and a few other things to go along with it. Also I discovered that we had celiac disease in our family. Thousands of people have it and haven't been diagnosed with it yet.  The doctors are slowly getting informed.  In the past  when they went to medical school they were told that celiac disease was a rare disease.  IT IS NOT RARE!  More people have celiac disease than have type 2 diabetes.  The word is slowly getting out to the general public. I think it contributed to my breast cancer experience because the huge gliadin fractions of gluten flatten the villi in the small intestine so you can't absorb the nutrients.  This causes malnutrition. My opinion only - malnutrition is what I believe is the basic cause of most cancers. Thousands of people are walking around malnourished and susceptible to all sorts of diseases. There is a connection between celiac disease and fibromyalgia, epilepsy, type one diabetes, hypothyroid and numerous other health conditions. People with multiple sclerosis should be checked for celiac disease because the brain lesions are identical. If you know of anyone with mulitple sclerosis please tell them to get a celiac panel blood test which may not always be accurate but we don't have a better test yet. Celiac disease is genetic and a gluten-free diet is the cure. The gluten grains are wheat, barley, rye, spelt, triticale, kamut and others. Oats is not in the group (it doesn't have the gliadin fraction of gluten, it has the prolamin fraction of gluten) but  it is contaminated in the wheat mills where it is usually processed. Breast Cancer Natural Cure Update

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